Types of Telescopes

There exist three different types of telescope, roughly speaking, for example there is
the refractor telescope which has a lense in front of the tube thus offering
better optical quality. It is often the most common one.

The reflector telescope is another type that has a mirror instead of a lense at the rear end of the tube.

The third and final telescope is the compound type which uses a combination of
both mirrors and lenses.

All these designs of telescope have the same objective of ensuring that distant objects look bigger and brighter for viewing by ones normal eyes.

Pros and Cons of the different Types of Telescopes (Reflector and Refractor)

Reflector types of telescopes

Reflector Telescope - Schematic - one of three types of telescopes
Newtonian Reflector Telescope – Schematic

They are highly cost effective because the process of
manufacturing lenses and mirrors is low while at the same time easy to carry to
respective mount area. They offer better viewing capability of distant stars
and other constellations through brighter delivery and non-distortion of
images compared to the other types of telescopes.

However the
reflector telescopes are often uncomfortable for use by children because they
are often mounted in a standing position which makes it difficult for young
kids. Moreover it can be problematic to keep the optics in alignment because
the lenses are not permanently placed on the tube.

Dobsonian reflector telescope are simple to mount telescopes providing a lot aperture in
very low costs making it affordable for purchase and use by both adults and

Refractor types of telescopes

Refractor Telescope - Schematic - one of three types of telescopes
Refractor Telescope

Their optical systems are more resistant to misalignment making the images brighter. Since the glass surface is permanently sealed in the tube then it does not require regular cleaning. Furthermore its low maintenance makes it a more portable telescope for various on-location

However most of refractor telescopes suffer from colour distortions because of the amount of
rainbow colours that forms around the image.

The lenses are also quite expensive compared to those of the reflector telescope.
A Meade Polaris 70mm refractor telescope can be recommended for purchase by astronomy enthusiasts because of its price.

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